ProTiling Supplies FAQs

Here we provide some insights into some of our most popular questions that our customers have on ordering and regarding general tiling.




Where does ProTiling Supplies deliver to?

ProTiling Supplies deliver direct to customers in the United Kingdom and to the Republic of Ireland. Full details of our deliveries and charges can be found on our delivery information page.


Does ProTiling Supplies offer free delivery?

ProTiling Supplies offers free delivery on orders over £100. This includes orders to the UK and Ireland.




What is tanking a wet room before tiling?

Underlying substrates in wet areas like wet rooms, shower rooms and bathrooms, are usually moisture sensitive. Plaster and plasterboards are porous in nature so as water and moisture can get through tiled walls and floor through grout cracks, this can result in damp and mould. As a result, wet areas should be waterproofed to prevent damp and mould problems arising in your home or commercial wetroom.

Aquatank tanking kit is a solution for waterproofing bathrooms and wet rooms.


How do I waterproof a shower or wet room?

To waterproof a wet room, you will need to install waterproof baseboards, while you can use waterproofing tape and membrane for joints, and junctions.


Tile Cutting


What are the benefits of using a manual tile cutter?

There are a number of reasons why you would choose a manual tile cutter over an electric tile cutter. The first being the fact that you do not need to have a power source to use it. This is a benefit to small tiling contractors who work on new builds and would require to purchase a generator to use electrical tools.

A quality manual tile cutter offers efficient tile cutting for small to medium sized tiles. Manual tile cutters are a good solution for DIY enthusiasts.


What are the benefits of an electric tile cutter?

Electric tile cutters offer fast and accurate results and are a perfect solution for commercial tiling contractors who work on large tiling projects. An electric tile cutter can handle small to large tiles with ease.


Silicone & Sealant


What silicone and sealant products do you sell?

ProTiling Supplies sell top branded silicone from Everbuild, Strong Grip and Stixall, while was also sell Soudal sealant.